Basic Kombucha Recipe


Kombucha tea (KT) and scoby* (see note)

Tea (black organic preferred)*

Sugar (raw organic preferred)*

Filtered water (free of chlorine)


Large open-mouthed glass vessel*

Calico or fine mesh cheesecloth and band (to cover vessels)*

Kitchen utensils

* Can be purchased together as a kit from Grateful Harvest, or obtain Scoby/KT from a friend.
Note: 10-20 % KT( kombucha tea) required in your vessel at start of ferment.


  1. Calculate
    • How much KT (kombucha tea) you have to start with and what size your brewing vessel is.
    • How much fresh brewed tea you will need to make up your brew
  2. Prepare fresh tea, equipment and workspace, insuring good hygiene. Sterilise the brew vessel (avoid chlorine and detergent residues)
  3. Place scoby and KT (kombucha tea) in vessel, add cooled fresh tea. Cover with calico and place in warm, well ventilated space, away from direct sunlight.
  4. Ferment can take from between 7-21 days. Taste and harvest/bottle kombucha when ready (reserving scoby and enough KT for your next batch)
  5. Refrigerate kombucha and enjoy!

For those who would like more guidance on kombucha and other cultured drinks, we regularly run ‘An Introduction to Cultured Beverages’ workshop. Visit our Education & Events page for more details.