Kombucha on Tap


I want to brew my own, do you supply kits/run classes?

Yes we do. Kits can be pre-ordered and collected from the Mulgrave Farmers Market each Sunday. See our Education page

Are there Histamines in Kombucha?

Yes, like all fermented foods histamines are present in kombucha. Those with a sensitivity to histamines need to be conservative in their consumption of cultured foods, and may need to under go a healing process before their bodies can benefit from fermented foods.

How do I clean the bottle before refilling?

Cleaning the bottle in the dishwasher or hot soapy water is fine. Rinsing with boiled filtered water should see any cleaning residues removed.

Can my children drink Kombucha?

As kombucha is thought to aid detoxing the debate is whether this is appropriate for children under 4. Another discussion point is whether children under 12 months should be exposed to kombucha as their immune system is still developing. Others report their under 4's love kombucha. We suggest parents do further research.

Does Kombucha need to be refrigerated?

Kombucha is a living food. When brought up to room temperature it will raise the rate at which it ferments. When refrigerated this slows considerably, allowing for the flavour to remain true for an extended time.

If you prefer to drink your drinks at room temperature then the bottle can be left out. Just be aware that after some time (depending on the weather etc) your drink may become quite acidic, and the alcohol content could rise. At this stage the kombucha can be used for cooking, in fact we often deliberately sour a bottle for dressing salads, making marinades and for use in stews and casseroles etc.

Can I drink Kombucha whilst pregnant/breastfeeding?

We have asked customers who have come from European countries what the traditional approach to kombucha drinking during pregnancy is and have been told that most women continue to drink kombucha.

Eastern medicine talks about kombucha being an 'expellent of foreign bodies' and for this reason it is not recommended by some for pregnant woman.

Regarding breast feeding the debate concerns the theory that kombucha is an aid to detoxing. Some suggest that toxins may cross the breast/milk barrier into the milk. No studies have been done to confirm or deny this. We do have customers who drink kombucha and report improvements in both their flow of milk and their babies settling & sleeping.

We recommend you undertake your own research and check with your health care professional in regards to both of these questions

Can I drink too much?

As with any food or beverage it is possible to drink too much. Too much of anything is not a good idea. Although many of our customers report craving kombucha this usually subsides to a normal level after a time.

Kombucha is thought to aid detoxing (does not detox directly, rather improves the efficiency rate at which the body works). Therefore it is possible, in theory, to ask the body to detox at a rate higher than the bodies systems can keep up with. More studies need to be done in this area.

In the meantime if you find yourself craving kombucha make sure you drink plenty of good quality water in line with your kombucha consumption, and recognise when your body might need a chance to catch up.

How much Caffeine is in the final product?

Our lab results indicate 30- 37 mg per 100mls

Is there Sugar in Grateful Harvest Kombucha?

Yes. Our product tests at @ 2.5 -3.0 g carbohydrates/total sugars per 100 mls, some of which will be fructose. We use Organic Raw Sugar.

We have diabetics, fructose intolerant, paleo, 'I quit Sugar' followers, all drinking and enjoying kombucha. The presence of sugar at low levels is outweighed by the benefits they obtain. Consult with your health care professional if in doubt.

We have found that some people are able to tolerate the low levels of fructose present whilst others who show extreme sensitivity may still react. We encourage people to try a small amount to see what is true for them.