Fresh Kombucha on Tap

Grateful Harvest Kombucha, a traditional drink, is produced with care and love in Melbourne, Australia. Now teaming up with Fabulous Retailers & Dining Establishments across Melbourne & Regional Victoria to bring you Grateful Harvest Kombucha on Tap

Our vision is to provide a drink that nourishes in a sustainable manner. That’s a big call in a world awash with cheap sugary drinks in disposable bottles.

Kombucha, traditionally made by fermenting a lightly sweetened tea with a traditional culture, is thought to have originated out of China as far back as 2,000 years ago.

Our on-tap system allows for flavours to match seasonal availability, our fresh kombucha tastes more like a tangy cider than a tea, due in part to the beneficial acids created during fermentation.

Kombucha is proving for many to be a delicious healthy addition to a whole food diet, especially for those looking to avoid sugar, alcohol and calories. Grateful Harvest kombucha is very low in all three.

Traditionally kombucha is drunk by the glass in a social setting, in much the same way we might enjoy a coffee, a soft drink or even wine or beer. Naturopaths recognise that many people have reported benefits to their health after regularly drinking kombucha, indicating that 100-120ml per day may be a good starting place for those individuals looking to be nourished.

We are grateful to our wonderful Retailers who operate our Kombucha Bars allowing our fabulous customers the opportunity to reuse their bottles, the most environmentally sound means of recycling. Up to 60% of Grateful Harvest Kombucha goes out with no new packaging required. Thank you for making a difference!

Operating locally 'on-tap', keeps our foot print small and our fresh taste BIG!

Basic Kombucha Recipe