Fermented Turmeric

The story of TURMERIC

Turmeric is a traditional herb originating from Southern Asia. Turmeric likes a climate that is warm and wet , with the rhizome (the ‘roots’) being harvested on an annual basis. The leafy foliage and pink flowers make for an attractive plant.

Turmeric has been cultivated for thousands of years, desirable as both a culinary herb and for its medicinal properties as used in Ayurveda & Chinese Traditional Medicines

Some traditional uses of Turmeric include;

Traditionally prescribed to sooth and treat digestive issues

Traditionally used to support liver function and the gall bladder

Used to treat arthritis by both Chinese and Ayurveda traditional medicines

Modern studies are suggesting the many antioxidants contained in turmeric may have an anti inflammatory benefit which by extension may help with healthy brain function, cholesterol levels and even diabetes.

When we think of Turmeric we think RELIEF

Our Fermented Organic Turmeric, allows you to easily include this beautiful herb in to your diet.