Fermented Milk Thistle

The story of Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle, sometimes known as St Mary’s Thistle, is a traditional herb thought to have originated in Southern Europe, parts of Asia and the Mediterranean.

This prickly herb has spread far across the globe as it will happily grow pretty much anywhere!

Although considered invasive, the flowers which appear in summer and through to autumn produce seeds which have been valued by traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Saxon records tell of this herb’s early use in Europe.

Some traditional uses of Milk Thistle include;

Traditionally Chinese medicine recommends the use of Milk Thistle to clear heat, relieve toxic materials, sooth the liver and promote the flow of bile

There are Saxon records suggesting Milk Thistle is beneficial in the production of milk in breast feeding mothers

Modern Studies suggest extracts of Milk Thistle could help protect, repair and rejuvenate the liver, although as with most herbs more studies are needed

When we think of Milk Thistle we think DETOX

Our Fermented Organic Milk Thistle, allows you to easily include this prickly herb into you diet.