Fermented Kombucha

The story of Kombucha

Kombucha is one of the many traditional names given to tea fermented using a traditional culture made up of both yeast and bacteria. Tea is a traditional herb which grows as a shrub and is native to South East Asia (India, Burma, China and Tibet). The leaves are picked when young and latter brewed into a drink.

It is unclear how kombucha first came in to being however it is thought to have originated at least 2,000 years ago from China. The practice of fermenting brewed tea with a symbiotic community of yeast and bacteria has since spread world wide with many choosing to make kombucha in their own homes, a process which can take any where from 7 - 21 days.

Some traditional uses of kombucha include;

Tea is reported to have over 700 antioxidants which might help explain the traditional use of kombucha as a a’ pick me up’ drink, enjoyed to energise and invigorate

Also traditionally drunk to aid digestion and improve elimination kombucha has a reputation for helping with digestive issues

When we think of Kombucha we think DIGEST

Our fermented Kombucha, differs from commercially available drinks and home brews in that fermentation is undertaken over 4- 6 months with the resulting high grade kombucha having no sugar or unwanted yeasts etc. Our Fermented Organic Kombucha is an easy and safe way to include fermented brewed tea in your diet.