Fermented Herbs


Are other botanicals available?

At present Grateful Harvest have made available Kombucha (black Tea), Turmeric, Milk Thistle and Holy Basil. Any botanical or combination of botanicals can be fermented and we expect to expand the range as consumers become aware of the power of these functional foods.

Why is the bottle labelled as a vinegar extract?

Healing Botanicals are functional foods. As a fermented product they can not be sold as a pharmaceutical good, or be subject to the process that allows for registration with the TGA. As a food they are best described as a vinegar extract.

What is the therapeutic dose for healing botanical?

As a food product these goods do not have a therapeutic dose. However we do suggest that a serving of 20ml per day would contribute to a healthy diet. If you were looking to boost your intake then up to 60 ml/day may be enjoyed.

How long will a bottle last?

Consumed at 20ml per day, each bottle will last a month.

Can I consume more than 1 botanical at a time?

Yes, some people choose to enjoy up to 3 servings a day, making their selections from across the range.

How do I store my Healing Botanical?

Once opened, in the fridge. As a vinegar based product, unopened, they are fine at ambient room temperature. Do not heat.

These products are amazing, I am a producer and I see the potential to incorporate these into my products, is this possible?

Yes, potentially we can help formulate to your product requirement, please contact us to discuss further.