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Fermented Oregano

The story of Oregano

Oregano is a traditional herb originating from the Western & Southern areas of Europe and the Mediterranean region . Oregano is a low growing perennial, which loves full sun but will tolerate most conditions, being a hardy little fellow. The Greeks and Romans prized Oregano and called it ‘The joy of the mountains’. The leaf has both culinary and medicinal uses.

Some traditional uses of Oregano include;

Prized for it’s antiseptic properties (used by Hippocrates himself for this purpose -food is medicine!).

Traditionally oregano was used for gastrointestinal treatments, menstrual cramps , urinary tract protection & sore throats

Modern use of essential oils see oregano being used for the treatment of Candida, although further studies are required.

When we think of Oregano, we think PROTECT

Our Fermented Organic Oregano allows you to easily include this joyful herb into you diet.


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