Vegetable Starter Culture


How do I find out more about Caldwell’s?

How do I store the starter?

Unused starter should be kept at a constant temperature. This is best achieved by storing your starter in the fridge

What is wild fermentation and do I have to use a starter?

Wild fermentation is the traditional process where the vegetables are fermented relying upon the microbes that naturally occur within the soil/on the plant. Pre the industrial age, communities preserved their food relying on their environment providing the necessary microbes. Fast forward to our modern era and it is still possible to successfully ferment with out the use of a starter, however adding a stater bolsters the number of beneficial bacteria thereby insuring that within the first 24 hours (critical window for unwanted microbes to dominate/cross contaminate the ferment) you have a safe and effective ferment underway. People choose to use a starter to insure high levels of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and antioxidants are achieved, as well as a delicious taste and crunchy texture.