Normally we don't talk about poo.

When we have happy happy poo we feel fine and there's nothing to say, and if things aren't working, well, we like to keep a lid on that!

But take a closer look, and you'll find that a Happy Happy Poo, helps make a Happy Happy You!

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About the Author

Jacqui Kirkland
Jacqui’s life experiences include; working in a hospital laboratory, supplying chemicals to industry, home educating her children & founding her own company, Grateful Harvest, which produces & markets a range of fermented foods in Australia. A diverse and interesting journey!
Jacqui’s great passion is to share what she’s learnt regarding the connections that exist between our lifestyle choices and quality of life; the impact gut health has on the health of our bodies & minds.
Introducing, what for many will be new information, her first children's book explores with humour the role food & the tiny creatures who live in us have in creating a happy happy life.
Australian addresses only.