Ginger & Pineapple Water Infusion

Our HEALING BOTANICAL KOMBUCHA can be used to create ta great drink base.  Simply put 1-200 mls of our kombucha into a glass jar, add to your favourite ingredients and store in the fridge until you are ready to use.  Will last at least 7 days depending on ingredients used.  When you wish to enjoy a delicious nutritious dink, simply pour 20 - 40 mls into your glass, add ice,  sparking mineral water and garnish and you have a delicious drink that refreshes and is sugar free (depending on what you add!)


Ginger 4-6 slices
Mint leaves
1/4 cup Fresh Pineapple juice
Sparkling mineral water to taste



Using a potato peeler, peel slices of fresh ginger into a jar.  Add 100 ml HB KOMBUCHA.  Close the lid and put in fridge, preferably fro a few hours or overnight.

The next day, into a jug place ice, torn mint leaves and pineapple juice.  Pour the HB KOMBUCHA & ginger into the jug.  Add sparkling water to taste, @ 500 - 750 ml.  Mix.

Sweetness can be increased by adding more pineapple juice.


Serves 4

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